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About Us

Inventiveness through longing.

Some things are just waiting to be discovered again, so we can once again delight in their beauty and magic, or simple practical nature. Today our everyday lives are shaped by a never ending stream of the new and all too often ephemeral. So we often find ourselves yearning for the 'good old things' of yesteryear, which have proved themselves for decades and are still useful and dear to our hearts.

This passion is shared by the founders of BERMBACH Handcrafted, a young producer of children's hand woven rattan beds, who granted themselves their own personal wish. For their own children, they themselves spent quite some time searching for a wickerwork cradle, something which had been used for many previous generations. They are light and airy, aesthetically round, yet sturdy. However their search proved fruitless. Through this unfulfilled wish of the Bermbach family, they came upon the idea of designing classical wicker furniture themselves. Within a very short time they founded a workshop and the very first beds appeared.

Today there are six different models each complete with it's own bespoke accessories such as mattresses and baby nests. Each piece is of the highest quality and durability, providing comfort and pleasure for parents and children alike. A changing pad and an attachable holder for a fabric canopy complete the selection.



We would like to fulfill the desire of many parents for something that industrial mass production simply doesn't have to offer: The passion for an individual piece of furniture, which can be enjoyed for a very long time. On the one hand, because it is handmade and of incredibly high quality and on the other because its design seems natural and familiar to people. 
Our beds are not only stable and practical but also speak to our senses. It reminds us of the beauty of functionallity joined together with aesthetics, and the wonder of how natural materials and skilled craftsmanship are able to work together in perfect unison.

Our focus is on the greatest possible use of natural materials in all the components needed to enable the little one to sleep peacefully in an environment free of harmful materials. At the same time we attach great importance to high-quality workmanship and a careful selection of materials.

For this reason, we work with an experienced Japanese-Indonesian producer, who has revived and perfected traditional rattan weaving in modern factories in Indonesia.
 It is also here that we source the rattan. This tried and trusted material is obtained by collecting the dried tendrils of the fast-growing rattan-climbing palm, which can reach a length of many meters in a very short time. Their use is a sustainable alternative to cutting down valuable trees, thereby helping to protect the Indonesian rainforest.

For the leather winding we use cow leather which is tanned with oak extract. In this natural process no dye is used.

We also pay attention to the greatest possible naturalness when it comes to eco mattresses with coconut core and sheep wool. This is ensured by a KBA certification. The custom mattresses fit perfectly in all of models.